Blog & Article Submission Services

Powerful Search Engine Marketing by Article, news, and events publishing online

A much overlooked but very important search engine marketing technique is publishing news articles online.

Simply by writing interesting articles about your products, services, company, etc. you can drastically increase the popularity of your site and the number of visitors it gets.


The answer is very simple... because search engines love good content i.e. interesting/popular text, images, videos, etc. to present to their users: the people who are searching for interesting text, images, videos, etc. and your potential customers.

Article submission does require some time and effort by you as you are the expert in your field, you know your products and services, and you know what events are planned for the future. Semseo can assist with writing the articles and ensuring the necessary key words are included in them but the content usually comes from our clients (unless you want us to do the research as well). A few hours spent writing some news articles can have a large and long lasting effect on your web sites profitability and it is highly recommended.

Articles can be published in many different ways, direct on web sites, via RSS news feeds, on your own site and Semseo will help advise on the best route for your needs. If Semseo are also building your web site it will come with a built in RSS news feed that you can take advantage of immediately.

The cost of SEO article submission varies depending on the exact requirements and the sites it is published on. The most well know article submission sites charge around £250 per article but there are also other free sites. What works best for you will depend largely on your budget.