Semseo Online CRM Application Software

An online CRM software application for business and contact management...

The Semseo CRM software application has many advanced features including:

24/7 Worldwide Access

The Semseo CRM application is available 24/7, 365 days a year from any device with an Internet connection:

CRM application software

So you can have access to the same data in the office, airport, cafe, beach, ski slopes, etc. Your staff can be working, out with clients, at exhibitions/seminars, etc. and still have access to the up to date business critical information they require.

Business & CRM Reporting

The Semseo CRM application has many business reports including:

CRM application reports and analysis
reports from CRM software application

More reports can be added to answer specific business needs.

Multi Currency CRM Application

CRM application software is multi currencyGBP pound CRM application softwareUSD dollar CRM application software

The system can record data in over 30 currencies to help make it easier to track sales and expenses across Countries.


Latest Technology

The software runs on the latest hardware and uses the Lucee software. The SQL database is fast, reliable and backed-up daily.

"Cloud Computing" Technology

The next big change in business application technology is the move of applications to the Internet. Both Microsoft and Google are offering access to their office suites via the Internet. This is being referred to as "Cloud Computing". It allows users access to the software via any Internet enabled device from anywhere in the World without requiring specific software to be installed on the device.

This is exactly the approach that the Semseo software has taken: secure access from anywhere, anytime. Don't restrict yourself with old technology! Contact us today.


Semseo CRM application software